Discover Unmatched Security with Hikvision’s Latest IP Cameras at Hikvisionshop Kenya

Hikvisionshop Kenya proudly presents a comprehensive lineup of Hikvision IP cameras, designed to cater to various security needs with cutting-edge technology and robust features. Whether you’re securing a small office or a large enterprise, our range of Hikvision IP cameras ensures you won’t miss a thing.

Discover Unmatched Security with Hikvision's Latest IP Cameras at Hikvisionshop Kenya

Here’s a glimpse of what we offer:

Entry-Level Excellence: 2MP ECO IP Cameras

  • DS-2CD1021G0-I(4mm) and DS-2CD1121G0-I(2.8mm): These models boast a 2 MP resolution for high-quality imaging, an IR range of up to 20m, and durability with IP67 water and dust resistance. They are perfect for those who need reliable surveillance without breaking the bank.

Versatile Varifocal Lenses: 2MP and 4MP ECO IP Cameras

  • DS-2CD1623G0-IZ and DS-2CD1723G0-IZ (2.8-12mm): Featuring motorized varifocal lenses that allow for flexible viewing angles and zoom capabilities. These cameras are equipped with up to 30m IR range and IP67 ratings, making them ideal for outdoor environments.
  • DS-2CD1643G0-IZ and DS-2CD1743G0-IZ (2.8-12mm): Step up to 4MP resolution with these models, offering even sharper images and advanced features like 120 dB WDR and EXIR 2.0 technology for enhanced night vision.

Advanced Smart Hybrid Cameras: 2MP to 8MP Options

  • DS-2CD1023G2-LIU and DS-2CD1123G2-LIU: These smart hybrid cameras are designed to detect human and vehicle movements, featuring built-in microphones for audio recording and dual-light technology for clear images day and night.
  • DS-2CD1043G2-LIU to DS-2CD1183G2-LIU: As you move up in resolution, these models offer up to 8 MP for ultra-high-definition video, extensive storage options, and robust build quality, ensuring they can handle even the most challenging environments.

Specialized Solutions: Smart Hybrid Light and ColorVu Cameras

  • DS-2CD1027G2H-LIU and DS-2CD1127G2H-LIU: Perfect for scenarios where color detail is critical in low-light conditions. These cameras use Hikvision’s ColorVu technology to deliver vibrant color video even at night.
  • DS-2CD1T27G2-L and DS-2CD1T47G2-L: These models offer a warm white light for up to 50m, ensuring color imaging all day and night with incredible detail and clarity.

Unparalleled Coverage: PTZ and TandemVu Cameras

  • DS-2SE4C225MWG-E and DS-2SE4C425MWG-E: TandemVu PTZ cameras provide extensive area coverage with 25× optical zoom and superior imaging capabilities, even in low light conditions.
  • IR PTZ Cameras like DS-2DE4215IW-DE: These cameras excel in extensive outdoor environments, providing up to 100m of night vision and high-resolution imagery, making no detail too small to capture.

Why Choose Hikvisionshop Kenya?

At Hikvisionshop Kenya, we understand the importance of a reliable and efficient surveillance system. Our range of Hikvision IP cameras is backed by professional support and competitive pricing, ensuring you get the best value and peace of mind. Visit us to find the perfect fit for your security needs and experience the next level of surveillance technology.

Secure your premises with Hikvisionshop Kenya today and experience surveillance like never before!

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