NVR is a video recorder connected to your network that records video footage from the IP cameras also connected to that network.It may be required to store and access high-quality images produced by the IP surveillance system for the future purposes. NVR serves the purpose of recording and saving high-quality data that is captured through the IP cameras. Network Video Recorder (NVR) manages the network based video surveillance in an efficient and reliable way. Being a component of the IP networks, NVR can be remotely managed and accessed through the local network or internet. Hikvision comes with High-end Network Video recorders that supports other party IP cameras as well. As to improve the existing surveillance systems, Hikvision always strive to come with the advanced NVRs. The innovative approach helps the organization to establish an advanced surveillance network for their own particular needs. The series includes the High-End NVR, Embedded plug and play NVR and all-in-one NVR

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